Empower Youth International

Operational Framework

At E.Y.I, our staff are devoted to seeing young people grow emotionally, intellectually and physically so that they can positively impact their own communities.

It is our hope to empower young people by giving them the aid and support they need to succeed. We encourage their own self development through workshops and programmes that focus on character building and life skills so that they have the tools needed to succeed.

E.Y.I, Board of directors are drawn from a variety of fields including Social Work, Psychology, Accounting, Education and Humanitarian development.

They have many years of experience in working with vulnerable groups such as those with disabilities, the poor, persons living with HIV, children and the homeless.

Some of their general responsibilities at E.Y.I include approving organisational policies, programmes, strategic plans and budget. Other duties include approving financial transactions, auditing, monitoring and evaluating the organisation.

E.Y.I staff is made up of skilled volunteers eighteen years and older. They receive special training and will work with every young person to increase their full-potential.

Volunteers will be working with them individually, in groups and with their families to develop their skills and capacities.

Our participants are drawn from schools, children homes, juvenile justice system and impoverish or vulnerable neighbourhoods.

For E.Y.I, every participant has strengths that can be used to empower them to reach beyond their present circumstances.

Teen participants are given a goal setting journal where they can write down their own goals and monitor whether they achieve them at the end of the programme.

This helps them to be responsible for their own learning progress and take pride in their own accomplishments. Participants are encouraged to journal feelings and experiences so they can enhance their psychological well-being whilst in the programme.

Members are individuals from various backgrounds, social and educational institutions, churches, organisations and youth groups that support the work of EYI.

These members not only align themselves with our mission but they actually contribute to the sustainability of our organisation in a variety of ways.

Members may volunteer their time, skills and expertise in different organisational capacities for example; some members can choose to reside on various sub-committees that implement EYI ‘s programmes.

Our partners are organisations, educational and social institutions, communities, governments and families. They are dedicated toward enhancing youth development in Barbados and the wider world.

EYI, enjoy building social partnerships to bring about individual, societal and community transformation. We believe that forging such long-lasting relationships will provide sustainability to EYI empowerment and social change efforts.

Our sponsors include corporate businesses, governments, nongovernmental international agencies and organisations, social and educational institutes, social groups and private individuals.

We sincerely appreciate the donations of those who have and do intend to continue to support E.Y.I. in all its endeavours. Their generous donations will contribute greatly to the social and economic empowerment of youths nationally and abroad.

E. Y.I sustainability is entirely dependent on such contributions for its survival and so we are very dedicated to monitoring and evaluating our results as an organisation.