Empower Youth International

Our Values


Values of EYI


Our organizational values will guide how E.Y.I will function in societies in Barbados and abroad. Moreover, we unequivocally believe that our values will lead us to positively impact the lives of youths and their families while encouraging youth and community empowerment.


  • Focus on strengths: We believe every individual and community have strengths that can be utilized to encourage growth and empowerment.


  • Respect: We believe all people including those from different ethnic origins, ages, socio-economic status and genders should be treated with respect and dignity.


  •  Partnership: We believe in working together with all stakeholders toward encouraging youth empowerment and development, as today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders.


  • Impact: We believe our young people should be given opportunities to positively transform their lives and communities.


  • Accountability: We believe in monitoring and evaluating our results as an organization.


  • Capacity building: We believe in building the skills of our staff and participants