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Welcome to Empower Youth International!

WHY Empower Youth International?
Advantages for young people:

  • Offers young people opportunities for leadership development
  • Young people will develop important interpersonal skills.
  • Young people will acquire self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • It can help reduce the risk of being involved in unsafe activities such as using illegal drugs  


  • To provide a safe, secure and supportive environment where young people can develop their social and life skills so they can function effectively in life.
  • To empower our young people to be catalyst for positive social change in their communities and the wider world
  • To establish a youth empowerment training centre where our young people will receive access to additional supports, counseling, educational and social programmes in order to become confident and empowered.
  • To establish, equip, maintain and manage branches and associations of Empower Youth International in Barbados and abroad.
To empower at risk young people (5-17) and their families to reach their full-potential by providing aid and support as well as valuable learning opportunities.

Through our prevention and socio-educational developmental programmes, we seek to give youths the tools that are necessary to promote and create positive change in their lives and communities.

    1. The NGO’s objectives are to empower at- risk young people (5-17) and their families by providing valuable learning opportunities, aid and support.
    2. To establish, operate and promote Empower Youth International nationally and internationally
    3. To establish or assist in the provision and promotion of social and educational programmes for vulnerable children.
    4. To build supportive and collaborative links with social agencies, organisations and individuals with similar aims.
    5. To promote and enhance international relations, education, cultural exchange and community development through “Impact Your Community”, a Student Outreach Project.
    6. To enhance and encourage youth development through continuous, coordinated and proactive programme/service planning and implementation.
    7. To provide on-going access to aid, vocational training, counselling, and career /social development services.


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